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Details of our services

Urgent deliveries throughout Brazil.

Urgent deliveries of documents, samples and small orders, collections and deliveries in Brazil using our network of accredited agents in the following deadlines: 24 AND 48 HOURS


Freight Forwarding Customs Clearance TECA-TECO.

Courier-TECO (courier terminal) National and International Freights Customs Clearances-TECA (Cargo Terminal).

RIO / RIO Door to Door Collectors and Deliveries

Invitations, brochures, newspapers, documents and others. With or without Proof of Delivery, using our own uniformed professionals who are always concerned with the presentation care in front of your Customer.

Transport Logistics and Inventory Management

We organize and equate all your operational logistics of transportation and storage of your product in Brazil and abroad, in addition to the specific peripherals needed for the agile operation in your company.

OBC-On Board Courier

We offer a team of bilingual couriers, always prepared to take or bring from anywhere in the world your cargo, order or document immediately, on the first available flight at any time and date.